Discover the benefits of travelling Solo with Albatross


Awesome Foursome - Courtesy of Donna Stewart

The company of new friends

On an Albatross tour, we usually have 4 or 5 solo travellers on average on each departure, so you probably won’t be the only person on your tour travelling on your own. Since all your fellow travellers are friendly, easy-going and from a similar culture (mostly from Australia and New Zealand), it’s easy to make new friends. Knowing that most of the tour group will be Aussies definitely helps people feel more comfortable when travelling by themselves.

“On my recent Albatross tour, I never felt uneasy about being solo. Right from the beginning, at the welcome dinner, I made connections with others straight away.” Julia, travelled on German & Austrian Christmas Markets tour, as a Solo Traveller

Dining at Montecatini Alto with tour manger Gilberto

Everything is taken care for you

When you’re planning to travel independently, there’s an intimidating number of tasks to complete, such as organising transport from stop to stop, booking accommodation and planning your itinerary. If you’re departing alone, this can all seem even more overwhelming! With Albatross Tours, this is all taken care of for you. Plus, your tour manager is an invaluable resource when it comes to recommending where to go and where to eat. This is especially helpful when you’re travelling by yourself because you don’t have someone else to help you make these decisions! And because Albatross tours are so inclusive, more than half the dinners are included, with usually the first night on tour dinner included giving you time to make friends to dine with.
Albatross Travellers relaxing with new friends - courtesy of Sue Deaves

Affordable single supplements

Albatross Tours offers very reasonably priced single supplements; it costs less than $100 per day additional on many of our tours. This guarantees you get your own single room while travelling. 
"Excellent tour, fabulous value for money. Everything was well planned. This was my 3rd Albatross tour and it continues to be something I would come back to again and again. I am definitely an advocate for your brand!"  Rosemary, travelled on Italian Grande; Italy, the Deep South & Sicily; and Magnifico Spain & Portugal as a Solo Traveller


Sassi Caves Hotel in Matera

Spacious rooms for Solo Travellers

We offer solo travellers in most hotels double rooms for single use. This means as a solo traveller, when travelling on an Albatross tour you will mostly have a room to yourself with either a double bed or two twin beds.
San Gimignano, Italy

Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage of travellers on your tours are travelling alone?

In 2018 16% of our travellers reserved a single room, 17% occupied twin rooms and 67% selected double room. You could safely say that almost 1 in 5 of your fellow travellers will be travelling solo.

How many solo travellers is there on each of your tours?

On average we tend to have 4 or 5 single travellers on each tour departure.

Are most solo travellers on your tour female? Are there any solo men?

It can vary from tour to tour. In 2018, women represented 61% of our travellers and men 39% on average across all our tours.  Therefore, you could assume that the majority of solo travellers are female, however this can vary from tour to tour.

Why are your single supplements so expensive? 

Albatross Tours offers very reasonably priced single supplements; it costs less than $100 per day additional on many of our tours. This guarantees you get your own single room while travelling. 

What size room do you allocate to solo travellers?

In most hotels we offer double rooms for single use to solo travellers that have paid the single supplement. This means in most cases you should have the same size room as your fellow travellers. However, as we purposely select unique and authentic style accommodation, each room can be completely different in size and style from hotel to hotel. Rooming is allocated by the hotel.

How will I know if there are going to be any other solo travellers on my tour?

Please contact us directly if you would like to know how many other solo travellers will be on your tour.

Do you have solo traveller only tours?

At this stage we do not offer solo traveller only tours. If you are interested in a solo traveller Albatross tour please contact us to express your interest.