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Czech Republic

5 Glorious Castles to Visit in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is home to some of the most amazing castles in Eastern Europe. Find out more about these magnificent locations with Albatross Tours.
Author: Enzina
Travelling Tips

When to Travel to Europe

Thinking of planning a trip to Europe but can’t decide when to go? Whether it’s snow or sun you’re after, figure out the best months to experience Europe with Albatross Tours.
Author: Julia Austin
Tapas in Spain

Tapas exquisite flavours to suit every taste

A day spent sampling tapas is an unbeatable way to experience Spanish culture and savour the charms of its bars and taverns.
Author: Michele Zavaglia
Temple Bar, Dublin

Dublin Stories

Visiting Dublin is like taking a great big breath of fresh air. It is modern and historic, exciting and relaxing, no wonder Lonely Planet named it as one of the world's top 10 cities to visit in 2016!
Author: Michele Zavaglia
Albatross Travellers at Capri - courtesy of Vanessa Nicol
Travelling Tips

What is the Perfect Group Tour Size for Travelling Europe?

Group travel experiences are a fantastic way to explore a new country with an itinerary that is already laid out for you, accommodation already booked, meals included, and activities mapped out. 
Author: Michele Zavaglia
Horse drawn carriage ride in Austria

5 Reasons Why You Need to Book A European Christmas Tour Now!

This year seems to have gone by so fast. As we get older, it seems that the months of every year start to just slip by, and before you know it, it’s October and you’re already having to make plans for what you’re going to do at Christmas time! If you’ve been struggling to come up with something fun or exciting to do this Christmas, or you’re wanting to break out of the box and do something with your family that they’ll never forget - why not consider booking a magical trip to Europe for the end of the year?
Author: Michele Zavaglia
Barcelona tapas bar, Spain

Discover the Real Barcelona

The world has fallen in love with Barcelona and that has created a glorious challenge.
Author: Michele Zavaglia
Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzgovina

Bucket list Europe

For many of us, the destinations on our list change over time as new discoveries emerge, sensibilities change or we become aware of exciting new places from friends and family members returning from jaunts across the globe. In the digital age, finding new travel destinations and researching more about them is a wonderful hobby that keeps our passion for travel high.
Author: Michele Zavaglia

Discover the Architectural Delights of Salzburg

If cities had a taste, Salzburg would certainly be sweet. This is not only because Salzburg’s most famous delicacy, the Mozartkugel, is made of the finest nougat and marzipan.
Author: Michele Zavaglia
Lindau, Germany

5 Beautiful Villages You Must Visit in Germany

As well as being known for its vibrant, modern and cutting-edge cities like Berlin and Munich, Germany is also famous for its beautiful and traditional villages. Visiting the quaint and picturesque villages that dot the countryside of Germany is the perfect opportunity to sample authentic German food, meet the German locals, and get to know a little more about German culture. We’ve put together our list of the five villages in Germany that we believe are most worth a visit in your lifetime.
Author: Michele Zavaglia