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Specially for you

Each and every one of our tours have been designed specially for you – Australians and New Zealanders. Like-minded travellers, like you, seeking a more fulfilling European holiday experience. We understand you want more from an escorted tour than a few hurried, all too brief visits to the destinations you have travelled so far to see.

Relaxing 3, 4 and even 5 night stays

Our tours are designed with a leisurely pace featuring 3, 4 and even 5 night stays in each captivating city or region.  We consider 2 nights stays to be the absolute minimum!

Let’s face it nobody likes continuously checking in and out of hotels, unpacking their bags each evening, and then  having to re-pack them again early the next morning. So, relax with Albatross Tours and enjoy your holiday.

See more and experience more with Albatross

See more and experience more with Albatross

When we design our tours we first look at each region and we ask what must be done, what can be done, and what should be done. Our objective is to give you a more rewarding experience and allow you time to ‘stay a while’ and savour the destination. We then break these down into carefully balanced touring days. Some days might have quite conventional visits to towns and cities. On other days we will add activities that are distinctly provincial, maybe quirky or possibly even something for the simple pleasure of it.

My time guaranteed with Albatross Tours

'My time' guaranteed!

‘My Time’enables for more time for you to relax, to explore, at your own pace. Time to immerse yourself in each destination, perhaps to window shop, wander the streets of delightful towns and villages, or mingle with the locals at a café. Because we feature longer stays on all our itineraries, you are guaranteed to enjoy ‘My Time’on every Albatross tour. We have designed our holidays to ensure adequate, well planned ‘free time’. 
Albatross Tours offer genuinely inclusive tours!

Albatross Tours offer genuinely inclusive tours!

Albatross tours are genuinely inclusive and include all of those special excursions and visits, sightseeing tours and feature dinners. We even include the end of tour tips to your tour manager and driver! You will never be confronted with a long ‘optional activities list’. We believe these expensive, later charged, hidden extras (usually costing over $100 per person per day) are entirely predictable - so we have already included these experiences for you in our tours. This means you will find it far easier to budget for your daily holiday expenses and you will have complete transparency on where you money is going.

We encourage you to compare our tour prices on a cost per day basis, and take into consideration that Albatross Tours have NO additional ‘on tour’ costs. Rest assured, by the time you get back home and walk back through your front door you will not have paid any more.

Small Group Touring

The average group size with Albatross is just 22 travellers– on a full-size coach! We cap our tours at 28 travellers and give you the peace of mind to know we guarantee our tours will depart with as few as just 10!

Albatross Tours is one of the earliest innovators of small group touring. We saw the enormous benefits our travellers would enjoy when combining small, more personal groups with longer stays at each delightful destination. There is a massive difference!

Everything is personal

You’ve travelled far to experience Europe. With Albatross Tours, you’ll never feel like just one of the crowd, you’ll feel special. Our small group size means our client to Tour Manager ratio is halved and you are guaranteed a high level of personal service and attention.


All our Europe & UK Summer Small Group Tours are capped at only 28 travellers. Albatross Tours Christmas, New Year & Winter Wonderland carry up to 40 travellers.

Stay in a character style hotels in superb locations

Where you stay is important

Unique Hotels, Superb Locations

Picture yourself relaxing on the geranium-trimmed balcony of a family run Gasthof, or waking up in a stunning palace hotel In addition to centrally located first class city hotels, we believe your European experience should be enhanced  with memorable stays in unique hotels, steeped in local character. So, in Italy you’ll sleep in a grand villa or a beautifully renovated ‘Sassi’ cave, in France in a 16th century château and our ‘Best of British’ tour culminates in the exclusive use of magnificent Leeds Castle.